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"To be the best at what we do best."

 DKS Security – Company Profile:



Data Key Systems (ACT) Pty Ltd (T/as DKS Security) was incorporated on 30 June 1980 after the principals had traded as a partnership from 1977.  We are a local Canberra Company, with clients in all the State/Territory capitals in Australia, but we have no other branches anywhere except in Canberra.


During the period from it’s incorporation until 1986, we worked mainly in the field of small domestic and commercial alarms, but with a “foot in the door” of the emerging field of  Access Control.  Our first access control installation was even before our incorporation, in 1979.


This part of our business continued to grow until in 1986, we won our first major contract for an integrated access control and security system for a major Australian International Law Enforcement Agency. 


And from that first contract we have developed as a major force in the field of security systems integration.


Most of our work involves the installation commissioning and service of systems comprised of different sub-systems which have to be made to perform as an integrated system.  As you can imagine, most of this work revolves around large commercial and government installations.


Some of the larger systems we have installed include our first major one which started as about 40 readers and is now in excess of 300; the Australian Bureau of Statistics which started as about 26 and grew to over 150; and the Department of Employment, Workplace Relations and Small Business which comprises over 190.


While our particular field is electronic security, as a systems integrator we are often required to project manage an installation which incorporates other works as well as the electronic security.


Some examples of this include a 500 metre fence incorporating a high speed electrically operated sliding gates, two mechanical gates and associated roadworks; a CCTV installation that required the installation of a number of 8 metre camera poles; and the perimeter protection of a building that included the installation of both fixed and removeable bollards [this installation required considerable negotiation to accommodate the requirements of the two diametrically opposed local planning organisations].


Recent Works

Some recent examples of the work we have done are:


Brisbane - An integrated access control and high security alarm system with approximately 90 readers and 120 high security alarm points.  This system is part of a national system with approximately 50 sites and 500 readers all around Australia.  This will use the clients own LAN/WAN as the communications medium.


Perth - A small access control and high security monitoring system for a government organisation. 


Canberra – A new integrated access control and alarm system incorporating 8 sites with approximately 60 readers.  This system uses the clients LAN/WAN as the communications medium.


General – We’ve also previously installed a national system utilising the client’s LAN/WAN for another Australian Government Department comprising over 200 readers.  And in the last few months have won another contract to upgrade this system.  That work is under way.


As you will appreciate we are unable to name most of these systems for security and contractual reasons.


ID System – We’ve written the software for our own photo ID system with the capability to modify it easily to meet the particular requirements of our individual clients.  We have supplied a number of these systems over the years the most recent being for the same law enforcement agency as mentioned earlier.


We also (sub-contracting to Computer Sciences Corporation) supplied and installed the digital imaging part of the new ACT Driver’s Licence system.  The software for this was written in house.  The hardware was developed by another Canberra company with which we are closely associated.


We also run an extensive bureau service for the production of IDs.



Project Capacity

We use a mix of our own staff, complemented by a variety of sub-contractors for cabling, installation and some specialist functions. We have found that the careful use of sub-contractors has made us more efficient in that our engineers are doing more interesting and advanced jobs and that our staffing levels do not have to be as high as they once were.


We have previously completed projects of greater than $1m. in value and are capable of supporting even larger ones.


We have facilities to answer calls and attend to service requirements 24 hours a day 365 days a year.


Many of our customers have maintenance agreements with us so that they can be assured of set costs and have some insurance on their budgets. These are usually taken over several years.


Generally we take less than an hour to arrive for most service calls. Obviously there are occasions when we are very busy and are unable to give such prompt service.  But many of our contracts stipulate that we will respond within 4 hours of receiving a call and to the best of my knowledge we’ve never failed to meet these exacting standards.


Product Commitment

DKS has always offered high quality, reliable systems and is not quick to change products due to price fluctuations or changes in fashion as this has negative repercussions for our customers. 

We’ve found that the careful selection of quality products has permitted us to support those products for far longer than our competitors.  For example, one of the systems we are currently in the process of replacing was first installed for the client in 1987 and, while it still does the job, it has been overtaken in technology and some of the components are getting hard to source at the manufacturing level.



Trevor James

Managing Director

5 January 2004




"To be the best at what we do best."