“To take measures that minimise the risk of the loss or degradation of property and/or personnel and/or information.”


From this definition we can see that security is a wide ranging subject. It involves environment, safety, obstruction, protection, and detection. Some environments and urban designs provide an invitation to those who would cause damage or loss. For this very reason it is important that planners, civil engineers and architects are knowledgeable in these aspects of social psychology and can incorporate this into their particular art.




Locks and Keys are the most common form of physical security. People have been using this method for a long time. It was employed in ancient Egypt.

However with windows and softwood doors and frames, keys and locks are more of a deterrent than a solid barrier to intrusion.

Windows can be filled in or barred. This type of fortification usually looks terrible. While it adds to the deterrent value it should be remembered that it prevents those, who are validly inside, from escaping if there is a fire.

The Landscaping is also important. Dense gardens provide invisibility too potential intruders and acts as an invitation. Again having no garden at all looks terrible, so the landscaping should be considered carefully with the above in mind.



Electronic security involves the detection of and intruder. This detection can be when the valid occupants are home or more usually when they are away.

The whole object of electronic alarm systems is to detect an intrusion as early as possible. Alarms may be monitored by a central station owned by a security company. They may be monitored by another person nearby or by the owners Mobile phone. They may not be monitored at all and just make a local noise.

The intruder doesn’t usually know how an alarm is configured and upon detection either runs or grabs the nearest thing of value and runs.

The alarm has minimized your loss and prevented further theft and / or vandalism.

Where high security is required, different equipment is used that is very hard to defeat. This is because the intruder may have trained for considerable time before the intrusion. In this circumstance it is usual for only the target to be stolen and little to no vandalism.

This is the type of electronic security that DKS usually do and therefore we do not usually delve in the domestic market.


If we were to go completely overboard with security then we would spend heaps of money and would feel very secure. However life would be a pain. Security should be commensurate with the risk involved.

Since most of us don’t have Jackson Pollock’s Blue Poles in our home or at our workplace then we do not have to go to the same level of expense and security as the Australian National Gallery does.

Insurance is also an important security issue. While it is not involved in the primary issue of loss minimization, it is however important as a secondary measure as it can enable recovery after loss has occurred.

However the loss of information say after a fire can mean the downfall of a business even if insured.

General Security Information: 

*   DKS Specialise in Commercial and Government Meduim and High Security Installations.

*   Most Panels have Windows Software for controlling and programming

*   Many Panels can now accommodate Access Control Features as well as Alarm Functions

*   The more advanced panels can make decisions based on input information

*   Many Panels are also capable of doing home automation e.g. controlling lights, garden sprinkler systems and heating

*   You can ring your alarm panel and get it to switch on devices remotely

*   Security may include access control and elements of building Automation within the installation.

*   It is important to regard security as safety. There have been incidents where bars have been placed over windows and deadlocks on all the doors and the whole family have perished in a fire. Security is really about safety. People, Companies and Governments need to keep their data and information safe, their employees and family safe and their assets and property safe.

*   Alarms can ring a friend or your mobile so that you know when you have had an alarm

*   Alarms can be monitored by a Graded Central Station, which will act according to you instructions in the event of an alarm